Commercial Vinyl Wall Coverings & Graphics

Use vinyl wall coverings to enhance the appearance of your Kitchener Waterloo area business. We design out wall coverings using the same methodology as we do for our vehicle wraps: Maximum memorability and “wow factor”. Enhance your brand and/or beautify your commercial space quickly, easily, and affordably.

Instant "Wow" Factor

A well designed vinyl wall covering creates an immediate “wow” factor in your space that is sure to impress all who venture through your front door.

Effective & Inexpensive

Our vinyl wall coverings and wraps are an extremely effective means to get your message out and make it memorable, and all at a price that makes sense.

Single-Day Transformation

Depending on the coverage area, our wall coverings can usually be installed in just a single day. Minimal preparation, minimal down time, maximum impact.

No Hassle Changes

Vinyl wall graphics are as easily applied as they are removed. This makes changing your graphics to reflect new branding, or a new feel for your space simple.

Commercial Vinyl Wall Coverings & Graphics: Maximum Coverage Versatility

Quality design and installation are our first priorities for vinyl wall coverings and graphics. But quality design doesn’t always mean you need to cover your whole wall with graphics. We can design and install wall coverings and graphics to cover as much or as little as you’d like to get your business’ point across. From full coverage wall wraps, to single wall logos, we can design a solution to fit your business’ needs and budget.
The Latest Printing Technology
We invest in the latest in printing and vinyl technology to ensure your wall graphics are as sharp, bright, and vibrant as possible to maximize their impact.
Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Do Wall Graphics Cost?
Wall graphics vary in price based on the amount of coverage required, and the complexity of the design. For an accurate quote, please contact us.
What are Wall Coverings vs. Wall Graphics?
A wall covering is generally a full size graphic that covers an entire portion of a wall. These tend to have the largest impact as they can completely change the appearance of a room. Wall graphics are smaller, single graphics that are applied individually to cover only part of a wall. These are best for logos, or applications where a drastic appearance change is not required.
How Do I Care For My Graphics?
We recommend hand washing the wall graphics with a mild detergent. Avoid scraping the vinyl as it can damage the graphics.
How Long Does It Take to Apply Graphics?
The amount of time it takes to apply wall graphics varies based on the amount of coverage required, and the complexity of the design. For an accurate time assesment, please contact us.
How Should I Prepare My Wall For The Graphics?
Very little preparation is required for wall coverings and graphics. As long as the surface is smooth and uniform, just make sure that the surface is clean. Our installers will do a thorough clean upon their arrival, but we appreciate a pre-clean as it makes us as efficient as possible.
What Are The Best Surface(s) To Wrap?
Vinyl sticks best to smooth surfaces that are free from imperfections. For example: a smooth painted wall = Good. Brick or rough siding = Bad. Bottom line: If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll help!


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