Awesome Vehicle Colour Change Wraps

Vehicle colour change wraps are becoming more and more popular in the Kitchener Waterloo area. Colour changes are the process of wrapping a vehicle in vinyl to completely change the colour. Sometimes this is done for personal vehicles, other times businesses want to affordably change the colour of their vehicles to match their current branding. Either way, our professional installers can help.

Express Yourself

Colour changes are a great way to express your unique personality on your car, truck or SUV. We have a large selection of colours available in matte and glossy finishes.

Commercial Colour Change

We often get commercial clients looking for a great alternative to painting their vehicles. Colour changes can be done to any commercial vehicle to compliment your company’s branding.

Helps Protect Factory Paint

Want to protect the factory paint on your ride? Vehicle colour change wraps provide a first line of defence protective layer between your paint and the harsh realities of the effects of every day driving.

Zero Damage To Your Paint

Applying vinyl to your vehicle should not damage the paint. However, if you need your graphics removed, we still recommend having us take care of it for you.

Vehicle Colour Change Wraps Get Attention!

Upgrade your vehicle’s appearance and get noticed on the road. Vehicle colour change wraps are one of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your vehicle, without the commitment of paint. With a colour change wrap, you can go back to your vehicle’s original paint at any time. The vinyl offers a great layer of protection for your vehicle as well, which can really help with it’s resale value down the road.

No Post-Accident Paint Matching

Being in an accident is bad enough, and trying to paint match a custom paint job can only make things more frustrating. With a colour change wrap, we can simply apply new vinyl to the repaired body panels and your car will look as good as new.

Improve Your Resale Value!

Properly installed, high quality wraps are well known to protect the factory paint job. When it comes time to sell your vehicle, the wrap is easily removable, and new buyers will appreciate the like-new paint job.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does A Colour Change Wrap Cost?

Colour change wraps vary in price based on a number of factors. Those factors include: the size and complexity of the item being wrapped, and the amount of space being wrapped. To give you an idea, the approximate average price to colour change wrap an entire standard 4-door sedan is ~$2,600. For an accurate quote, contact us!

What is a Full Wrap Vs. a Partial Wrap?

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle in vinyl, changing the appearance of the entire vehicle. A partial wrap only covers parts of the vehicle, and not the whole thing. This is done occasionally for an extra aesthetic effect.

How Do I Care For My Wrap?

We recommend hand washing your vehicle with a mild detergent. Avoid high-pressure washes, which can lift the vinyl, to prolong the life of your wrap.

How Long Does It Take to Wrap A Vehicle?

From design to installation, you can usually expect a total of 5-10 business days. However, your vehicle will only need to be in our shop for 2-3 of those days, depending on our current workload and how large/intricate your wrap is.

How Should I Prepare My Vehicle For A Wrap?

We would greatly appreciate it if you would bring your vehicle in clean and free of as much dust, dirt, wax, and other contaminants. Even if a vehicle is brought in spotless, our installers will do an extra thorough clean before installation.

What Are The Best Surface(s) To Wrap?

Vinyl sticks best to smooth surfaces that are free from imperfections. For example: New vehicle with factory paint job = GOOD. Old rusty truck = BAD. Some other surfaces that wraps do not stick well to are: cheap primer, rough/corregated textures and perforations. Bottom line: If you’re not sure, contact us and we’ll help!